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How We Began

Refill Evolution started because we felt a need to do something about the amount of plastic we as a family were consuming. After searching for a way to conveniently refill our products and coming up short we decided to start up a business to help our family, community and the environment.

We thought why not bring the milkman service back and evolve it into a friendly refill service for your home essentials.



At Refill Evolution we challenge you to REthink the way you shop.

Join the RE lifestyle by following these 6 core principles:

REthink - the way you shop

REfuse -unnecessary waste

REuse -  switch to reusable

REfill - at local refill station

REduce  - amount of waste

      REcycle - what can't be reused


We are not perfect, but we strive to do better every day. We are here to inspire and help you evolve on the journey of reducing your plastic waste.

One simple change makes a world of a difference.

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